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Stress-Busting, Blood Sugar Balancing, Savoury Festive Therapeutic Breakfast ‘Muffiny-Quichey-Thingy’

Stress-Busting, Blood Sugar Balancing, Savoury Festive Therapeutic Breakfast ‘Muffiny-Quichey-Thingy’

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This recipe is SO versatile that you can actually PERSONALISE YOUR OWN THERAPY! 

Just add the foods that support your liver if you want more detox power, or pain and inflammation foods if you need more support there. Add stress & blood sugar foods if you are chomping at the bit or need to balance blood sugars and or to get even more precise with your therapeutic needs.

This recipe provides Body System/s & Therapeutic Support including:

  • digestion
  • liver
  • stress & blood sugars
  • pain & inflammation
  • metabolism
  • weight loss
  • repair & recovery
  • mood & memory
  • hormone balance
  • immunity


    It's Kwik-n-Easy... it takes approximately 20 minutes to make


    1 person - but it's easy to scale up for more people

    Helpful Tips

    Can be served with: Candida busting coleslaw or Hormone clout salad


    Vegetarian: Yes

    Vegan: No

    Free From


    Gluten (including wheat and oats)

    Cow's Dairy


    Artificial Sweeteners



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    Customer Review

    "With all the fun colours AND the FLAVOUR, it's hard to keep in mind that it is a powerhouse of health! My kids loved it and even asked to have it in their school lunch box! We weren't hungry for hours afterwards!" - (Rose M, Kent UK)