Get the Best Hard Water Shower Filters in the UK!

Say Goodbye to Itchy Skin, Dandruff & Immune Dysfunction

Why you should use Shower Filters

The tap water in the UK is extremely hard. In as much as water treatment plants do their bit to purify it, they do not remove all the minerals and contaminants during the water treatment process. Many of these remain and can lead to more serious health issues beyond just the itchy scalp and horrible dandruff.

Simply filtering drinking water is not enough

Chlorine, fluorine, and fluoride are chemically related to iodine and compete with it, blocking iodine receptors in the thyroid gland. Dioxin, a dangerous chlorine related compound found throughout the food chain is one cause of low thyroid. Your skin is the most absorbent organ (YES, it's an organ!) in your body, and simply filtering drinking water is not enough. These chemicals - as well as iodine deficiency - are all linked to immune dysfunction and other imbalances. You need to stop bathing/showering in unfiltered water to truly be free of chlorine and other toxins found in the water we use for cleaning ourselves.

Did you know that those small red ‘spots’ that often appear on the skin (often on the chest and arms) are called cherry angiomas, and indicate iodine deficiency). The iodine patch test is an easy home test and the same iodine is used to rectify the imbalance. If you need help buying the iodine please ask and we will be happy to guide you as well as support you with instructions on how to carry out the test.

Where to get the best hard water shower filters!

With so many shower filter brands on the market, one needs to be careful before investing one's hard earned cash on a sub standard system. Incorporating the latest technology filter mediums such as KDF-55, Ceramic Balls and GAC, Pure Showers Shower Water Filter Systems are durable and effective. They last up to 12 months and offer up to 99% reduction in chlorine, reduce scale, remove heavy metals, kill bacteria and algae, and help alleviate eczema. They provide the highest standard of shower water filters. The technology used in these shower filters is world class and has been tested by international health standards laboratories and industry leaders.

Get your shower filter from a reliable supplier now!

Get in touch and we will help you and your family enjoy the benefits of a world class Pure Showers Shower Water Filter Systems technology that will positively affect your health, and your life!

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