A bespoke recipe book for your individual therapy needs.

Introducing an Incredible Offer from Mary-Lou:

 Tailor-Made 'Yummy Therapy' Recipes eBook Programme.
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Driven by an unwavering commitment to her clients' well-being, Mary-Lou has launched this awesome recipe book with a difference! 

Taking both Nutrition and Recipe books to the next level, this eBook brings you a personalised eating experience which addresses your own health needs. It provides personalised recipes that target the healing of  your body systems and give you nutritional solutions - and include the secret ingredient - The Yummy Factor, while including your therapy needs too.

Your recipes will be chosen based on your own personal health profile , and tailored to meet your own individual nutritional requirements.

This really up-levels how you manage your health….with both therapy and delicious taste.          

Here's how it works: 

When you buy this 'one of a kind' package, you will receive a series of online questionnaires to pinpoint your top five body systems in need of support and your top five nutritional deficiencies that Mary-Lou will personally assess. This treatment normally costs £315.

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Using your responses as a guide, Mary-Lou will select (or create!) a selection of 25 delicious therapeutic recipes, including breakfasts, lunches and dinners, not to mention snacks and desserts too, all designed to precisely address your identified body systems and deficiencies. 

Treat your health and your tastebuds, with this awesome gift for yourself, or a loved one. These meticulously created recipes are delivered to you in a beautifully presented eBook, that tantalises your taste buds.


Mary Lou's Yummy Therapy Series online store has everything you need for therapy and taste buds. 

All recipes are gluten free, oil free, wheat free and low GL (Glycemic Load - will not spike insuline). We call this zero burden recipes. No dairy, soy and wheat, means the liver, digestion and kidneys are not working so hard to process foods in your meal plan.


Don't Just Take Our Word For it - Read our Reviews

Client: Heather Falconer (New York) says:

"Mary Lou has changed the way that I think about food and general wellbeing. Prior to meeting MaryLou, I always believed that I was living a healthy lifestyle, but often felt run down, and always assumed that was due to a busy lifestyle. From monitoring my food consumption, Mary Lou was able to identify certain foods that I should and shouldn't be eating, and work out the best recipes for a busy lifestyle. .My life has been a rollercoaster over the past two years, and through her positive words of guidance, vitamin and dietary support has been incredible. Mary Lou is calming, positive and logical, I have recommended her to many of my friends, and I highly recommend all of you to also have a consultation, as she will change your life".


What is included in the package:

Mary-Lou's personalised assessment of your health profile (with comprehensive reports) Normal price £315

25 Bespoke recipes in your own personalised Yummy Therapy Recipes ebook Normal price £190

Mary-Lou's Therapeutic First Aid Kit, giving you the opportunity to support those day-to-day non-emergency mishaps, e.g. headaches, pain, bee stings, to name a few) with Powerfully therapeutic and fast acting  food, herbs and other natural supports!  

A Comprehensive Therapeutic Shopping List, categorised by Body Systems, making it easy to choose the appropriate therapeutic ingredients in all your food choices! 

Therapeutic Food Variations lists, to play and have fun with your ingredients, in a way that supports your changing health needs or personal choices (e.g. vegetarian, vegan preferences, or choosing a different ingredient that is more specifically supportive of your specific health needs.

Convenient hyperlinks to recommended ingredients and sources of *organic foods (*in the UK), making your shopping experience 'oh-so-much' easier!

An easy-to-follow Food Portion Management Guide (with diagrams and food lists in each section for quick support) to assist you in maintaining a balanced diet.

A 12-16 minute ‘do it anywhere’ daily exercise program that can be paced to your own physical abilities, to help you stay in peak physical condition, improve mood and concentration, and increase energy levels.

All For Only -  £74.47 

To get all these fantastic items, or to give them as a life-changing gift to a loved one or friend, and enjoy these incredibly therapeutic meals tailored to your precise nutritional and therapeutic needs, click here to buy the package and start your journey to better 'Yummy' health.