Mary-Lou's Therapy Recipe e-books.

Whether you are unwell or not, or are suffering or have an illness or condition that causes you problems, you can help alleviate symptoms by striking at the source of the problem - the mind & body. Treating the body to good healthy food, that is literally designed for your particular ailment, is Mary-Lou's specialty. Over 30 years of experience in nutritional therapy and being a trauma specialist has given Mary-Lou the insights she needs to prepare delicious foods that complement the body's healing process, Tailor-making recipes for each condition individually, and also offering bespoke menus for those with varying conditions.

This is not just another recipe ebook series. The recipes here have been carefully crafted, designed and catered for treating the root-cause of underlying problems with the mind, body and soul.

All of the recipes featured are designed for people who have intolerances to certain foods, and ailments like eczema, chronic fatigue, digestion, brain fog, psoriasis etc which stem from the nervous system being overwhelmed as well as endocrine issues and more.

Some options are Vegetarian and Vegan (see recipe description)

ALL recipes are gluten-free, oil-free, whea- free and low GL (Glycemic Load - will not spike insulin).

We call these zero burden recipes. No dairy, soy and wheat, means the liver, digestion and kidneys are not working so hard to process foods in your meal plan.

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Targeted, wholesome, delicious, therapeutic recipes and food guidance from Mary-Lou Harris

Mary-Lou's reviews speak for themselves with 5-Stars, creating tailor-made recipes for many health conditions such as diabetes, mental health, surgery recovery, pancreatitis, low stomach acid, high blood pressure, heart issues and muscle issues. She also is available via email to discuss bespoke health conditions and recipe plans, for those with different conditions.

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"Let thy food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food"

Hippocrates (400 BC)

About Mary-Lou

Emotional Clearing Session

It is a tailor made, one-to-one process where we explore as many of your conscious memories as you can recall, as well as exploring your sub-conscious memories, parents and grandparents histories and relationships with you and each other, and other siblings, as well as their and your views of the world at large.

The Emotional Clearing takes around a full day (between 8 and 15 hours on average) and you are not told "your time is up" until you have reached the end of the Emotional Clearing. 


  • Biology of Trauma-informed Therapy

    In the last year, science has discovered that the Heart has 40 000 cells called 'sensory neurites' .. similar to brain cells.. which means that we think with our hearts as well as our brains!

    Using the scientific HeartMath techniques Mary-Lou teaches, to achieve 'Heart Brain Coherence' quickly calms the central nervous system, tells your brain that you are 'safe and enables what is known as 'self-regulation' … an ability humans have, of changing their physiology and life experiences through their thoughts, feelings and mindfulness! This self-regulation, and therefore self-empowerment is all scientifically validated through Quantum and Epigenetic Science.