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Magic Spice Up Your Life Tea

Magic Spice Up Your Life Tea

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This Fabulous ‘All Rounder’ for Therapeutic Support offers you jaw-dropping therapy and supports all body systems including:

  • pancreas
  • digestion
  • liver
  • stress
  • blood sugars
  • underactive thyroid
  • pain & inflammation
  • metabolism
  • weight loss
  • repair & recovery
  • mood & memory
  • hormone balance
  • circulation
  • heart
  • eyesight
  • immunity and alkalising.


      It's Kwik-n-Easy... it takes approximately 3-5 minutes to make.


      4 mugs

      Helpful Tip

      Mix all the ingredients together in a small jam jar that fits into your bag/briefcase.  This way, you can have the Magic Spice Up Your Life Tea wherever you go!


      Vegetarian: Yes

      Vegan: Yes

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      Health Tip

      Add your favourite herbal tea bag/leaves to add therapy value e.g. nettle for blood cleansing or chamomile for calming properties.  Add a slice of lemon for vitamin C (immunity) and to alkalise your body and support your stomach acid.  Add Cayenne pepper for additional Therapeutic Benefits: can prevent Heart attack & stroke; 'feeds' the heart muscle; aids recovery after stroke; anti-inflammatory; digestive repair; promotes stomach acid)