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Liver & Immune Support Power Nutrient Veg Hot Pot

Liver & Immune Support Power Nutrient Veg Hot Pot

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This power nutrient-dense hot pot packs a punch with over 15 different areas of Therapeutic Support!

The recipe provides Body System/s & Therapeutic Support including:

  • pancreas
  • digestion (improves good gut bacteria)
  • liver and detoxification
  • stress
  • blood sugars
  • under-active thyroid
  • pain & inflammation
  • metabolism
  • weight loss
  • repair & recovery
  • mood & memory (supports brain function)
  • hormone balance
  • circulation
  • heart
  • eyesight
  • immunity
  • body alkalising


      Gonna-need-to-pay-attention! It takes approximately 45 minutes to make and 3-4 hours to cook


      10 or more people

      Helpful Tips

      If you have a small crock pot (slow cooker) reduce the quantities of the bulky vegetables


      Vegetarian: Yes

      Vegan: Yes

      Free From


      Gluten (including wheat and oats)

      Cow's Dairy


      Artificial Sweeteners



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      Customer Review

      “Best hot pot ever! So full of flavour and delicious. A hot favourite with my family!”

      Julia P, Bradford, UK